A disruptive technology supersedes an older process, product, or habit. The digital transformation inspired me to focus on the future of digital sales and relation.

Omar Oukoums blockchain talent


I took a big step when I began My career in 2008 with my own start-up, providing handmade garments on the web. as a customer you were able to follow the manufacturing process and see who made your garment, where it is from, what fabric is used etc. At that time I was to early with my company but gave me a good view of how it feels to have a company during a crisis.
13 years later and another crisis is taken place.
I educated myself and collected certificates about the upcoming technology to become an independent complete business development/account manager


Who I’m working with,
and how I’m helping.

My primary clients are disruptive companies who are excited to fix how we work and embrace remote collaborations. 

Blockchain companies | Tech developments | Web innovations | SaaS | AI | IOT |
A technology that is designed for the future is exciting for the ones that see the potential. Accepting the baby steps and working on fixing the developments is key. We are moving in a new time of developments were I believe that adoption can only be managed when best of both worlds understand the excitement and what the benefits are.
I would like to make my role to be the glue of how the future tech connects with the mass.
As a business developer I can define and execute new business sales campaigns and present the product or service with a great understanding of corporates and leaderships.